About Rossinant

Rossinant is the name of the organizational structure founded by Wim Viaene, referring to Don Quixote’s horse of the same name. A structure that seeks and provides answers to the needs of individual artists and companies in various areas.

Creativity requires a focus that too often gets bogged down in daily worries. Rossinant forms the bridge between wanting, being able to and executing.

Rossinant is the “back office” for artistic and creative processes – an agency in all its manifestations:

  • a place where meetings can take place,
  • a space for artistic exchange and feedback,
  • where time is made for concept development and planning,
  • with attention to the administrative and business underpinnings of each creative project,
  • where financing is sought in all its forms, private, partnerships, subsidies, etc.,
  • with knowledge of different art disciplines, each with its own development logic.

Rossinant is also a group of freelancers, experts in production, (multilingual) communication, administration, artistic input,…

Everything starts with a good conversation – aimed at a long-term trajectory and sustainability.

What feels, works.